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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Saturday, March 14, 2015

JKS England Children's Competition - 14th March 2015

Great day at the Children's competition in Nottingham. Big thank you to our coaches, Sensei Bex and Sensei Scott, Great result guys, Osu!

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Friday, March 06, 2015

Xmas display 2014 montage

Thank you to Sensei Sam for some great photos.
A quick montage of the action.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Grading results for 22nd February 2014

Congratulations to all our students that graded today and many thanks to Sensei Alan and Sensei Nagaki for a great day.
Every February we are very fortunate to host JKS England Dan gradings in addition to our Kyu gradings.
Great performance from SSKC - 5 Dan gradings and 30 Kyu gradings, proud of you all!
SSKC Dan grade and member table pages and all your individual pages have also been updated with your results, Osu!

Just Click on their names to take you to their own member page.

2nd Dan
Matthew Beard
1st Dan
Warren Bate
1st Dan
Scott Haxby
1st Dan
Charlotte Haxby
1st Dan
Emily Crockford
3 rd Kyu Heath Waters
3 rd Kyu Xiao Wei Han
3 rd Kyu Craig Whiteley
3 rd Kyu Thomas Cahill
3 rd Kyu James Crossland
4th Kyu Myles Phillips
4th Kyu Viktoria Rymarz
4th Kyu Leah Fielding
5th Kyu Assen Arinkov
6th Kyu Berhan Haker
6th Kyu Sam Barfield
6th Kyu Andreas Brereton
7th Kyu Lewis Urwin
7th Kyu Joshua Whiteley
7th Kyu Marny Waters
7th Kyu Gabriel Witty
7th Kyu Caroline Brereton
8th Kyu Martin Barfield
8th Kyu Kayleigh Whiteley
9th Kyu Lily Boston
9th Kyu Sean-Ashley Guest
10th Kyu Elliot Murray
10th Kyu Bobby Dootson
10th Kyu Ellie Fielding
10th Kyu Elliot Murray
11th Kyu Sam-Luca Guibert
12th Kyu Thora Elston
12th Kyu Isaiah Brereton
12th Kyu Irah Brereton
12th Kyu Jacob Homsi

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

York Karate Course and Grading 22nd February 2015

Sensei Alan Campbell - 6th Dan JKS England Chief Instructor with
Sensei Shinji Nagaki - 5th Dan

This will be an open course aimed at karateka of all grades and ages.

Registration and grading times along with costings are detailed on the flyer.

Please arrive for registration promptly so everyone can be processed before the course is due to commence.
Please double click on flyer to open in your image viewer,
The Sports Hall, Joseph Rowntree High School, Haxby Road, New Earswick, York YO32 4BZ.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

SSKC celebrates a new Shodan

SSKC are very proud to announce that Abby Cooke achieved her Shodan (1st degree) black belt on Saturday 13th December 2014.
Karate is a journey, for most filled with ups and downs and Abby's journey has been no different.
Abby's apprenticeship has lasted just over seven years.
Abby has overcome the disappointment of temporary grades at the mid kyu levels and has been determined to make steady progress.
You can make your journey on your own, but my advice is to share your journey with friends who will support you through thick and thin.
A great achievement Abby, Osu!

Abby in Dec 2007 (with Sam behind)

Abby in Dec 2014 with Emily

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SSKC Gradings 16th November 2014

Congratulations to Harrison and Jake who graded on Sunday, Osu!

8th Kyu (t) Harrison Fairhurst
10th Kyu Jake Rawlings

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Monday, November 03, 2014

JKS Nationals - SSKC team results

A massive medal haul for SSKC at the JKS Nationals in Nottingham on Sunday 2nd November 2014.
A big thank you to the whole team, coaches, helpers and parents for supporting the event.
Individual member pages have been updated with details of the event and any photos I have to date.
Go to the side bar and click on "Members", then click on a name and it will take you straight to that members home page.
If you are interested on how your instructors performed in the past just click on "Instructors" and click on their name.
Assen, Han and Simon celebrate a clean sweep in Ind Kata.
Medal winners were as follows:
Berhan Harker - Gold - Ind Kata
Leah Fielding - Bronze - Ind Kata & Silver - Ind Kumite
Rebecca Arinkov - Gold - Ind Kata
Xiao Wei Han - Gold - Ind Kata - Silver - Ind Kumite
Simon Frost - Bronze - Ind Kata
Assen Arinkov - Silver - Ind Kata
Warren Bate - Bronze - Ind Kata
Thomas Cahill - Bronze - Ind Kumite
Charlotte Haxby - Bronze - Ind Kumite
Abby Cooke - Bronze - Ind Kumite and Silver - Team Kumite
Emily Crockford - Bronze - Ind Kumite and Silver - Team Kumite
Holly Bamford (HSKC) - Silver - Team Kumite

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Grading results 19th October 2014

Please see below the grading results from Sunday.
Member pages have been updated to reflect your current grade.
Just Click on the name in the table below to go to the individuals member page.

5th Kyu Simon Frost
6th Kyu Assen Arinkov
6th Kyu (t) Bradley Urwin
7th Kyu Grace Jones-Devitt
7th Kyu Rebecca Arinkov
8th Kyu Thomas Arinkov
8th Kyu Mia Boyle
8th Kyu Paul Bowden
8th Kyu Josh Bowden
8th Kyu Izzy Haxby
8th Kyu (t) Tash O'Boyle
9th Kyu Elliott Mountford
9th Kyu Mark Christian
9th Kyu Holly Urwin
9th Kyu Jamie Jackson
9th Kyu Connor Christian
9th Kyu (t) Isabelle Wilton
9th Kyu (t) Charlie Hudson
10th Kyu Lily Boston
10th Kyu Wiktoria Kielek
11th Kyu Elliot Murray
11th Kyu Bobby Dootson
11th Kyu Ellie Fielding
11th Kyu Matilda Murray

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Matt Price Sensei @ SSKC - Sunday 31st August 2014

It is great to be hosting Matt Sensei again at SSKC, I have changed the training times around a little so everyone will get an opportunity to get some "hardcore training" in.

Matt Sensei will be instructing non-syllabus karate, so come with an open mind and plenty of water.

Junior red belts and below get one session, everyone else has access to two, please read carefully.
Grade - Beginner to 8th Kyu Child and Junior karateka
Time - 17.30 to 18.40hrs (a little longer for some and shorter for others, please take note!)
Location -Dance Studio
Instructor - Matt Price Sensei - 6th Dan
Grade - Beginner to Dan grade Adult
Time - 17.30 to 18.40
Location - Gym
Instructor - SSKC Club Instructor
Grade - Adult 9th Kyu & 8th Kyu and
          - Child to Adult 7th Kyu to Dan grade
Time - 18.45 to 19.50
Location - Gym
Instructor - Matt Price Sensei - 6th Dan
Gradings - selected senior Kyu gradings only
Time - 20.00 to 20.30
Location - Gym
Examiner - Matt Price Sensei - 6th Dan
We will be taking Matt Sensei for a small shandy following training to which there is an open invitation.

This is a free course for all SSKC karateka, visitors are welcome and the normal visitor training fee will apply.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

SSKC Dojo holiday closure dates

Unfortunately we are unable to use the school on the following dates in August.
Sunday 3rd August
Sunday 17th August - Additional date
Sunday 24th August
Wednesday 27th August
For those heading away on your holidays have a great time.

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